Earthenware Clay Bird

Earthenware Clay Bird

 Method: Making a Bird with Earthenware Clay

Step One

Use Wire Cutting tool to cut a piece of clay.

Step Two

Flatten the clay with your hand first and place between two pieces of wood. The height of the wood will determine the thickness of the slab. Roll from end to end and turn over and repeat.

Step Three

Use a pin tool to lightly draw into the clay. Mistakes can be smoothed over.

Step Four

Use a clay knife to cut out a shape.

Step Five

Textures can be created by pushing objects into the clay.

Step Six

To adhere pieces of clay together, score both joining sides.

Step Seven

Apply slip to both sides and gently press both pieces together. Run a modelling tool along the joining seam.

Step Eight

Add any final details and your piece is complete! 

21st Dec 2021 Crafting Creations Team

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