Sun Sensitive Paper

Sun Sensitive Paper

Sun Sensitive Paper is coated with light-sensitive chemicals, which react to light waves and particles when exposed to light. Place leaves, flowers, coins, and other objects on this paper. A perfect white image on a blue background will result. Linking art with science, this process can create amazing effects.

Method: Sun Sensitive Paper

Step One

Always choose a day and time where you can see your own shadow to avoid paper from not exposing. Otherwise use a UV Lamp.

Step Two

Place objects onto the Sun Sensitive Paper indoors. Cover with Acetate so objects don't move. Whilst transporting paper outside cover with a dark sheet.

Step Three

Expose paper to UV light for 3–7 mins. The results depend on the density of the objects or image, as well as how long it is exposed.

Step Four

Rinse the paper in a waterbath to “fix” image. Paper will darken as it dries.

Step Five

The blocked light has turned to white while the paper has remained blue.

Exploration:Sun Sensitive Paper

Experiment with Height

Lace standing upright, creates a great 3D effect.

Photographic Negatives

Lay down 35mm film negatives onto the sun sensitive paper for photographic results.

Srunched Paper

Scrunched up paper plays with the sun's shadows.

21st Dec 2021 Crafting Creations Team

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