Foam Roller Refills 100mm - Pack of 3

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These Foam Roller Refills 100mm are the replacement heads for the Foam Roller with Handle 100mm. To replace, just glide the old foam roller off the metal mechanism, by pulling across and away from the metal frame. Make sure handle is clean before you slide on the new foam roller head.

Foam Rollers are both handy and economical. They are great for covering larger flat areas and can be used with water soluble (acrylic) paint, oil paint, mediums, varnish and gesso. Foam Rollers are easy to use and are suitable for all ages and abilities.

Foam Rollers absorb paint easily – as there’s less reloading it’s a more efficient and quicker application. The dense foam disperses and distributes paint evenly and delivers a smooth finish. When working with a Foam Roller always use long slow even strokes to roll out the paint onto the desired flat surface.

Foam Rollers are an economical and useful tool for the art and classroom. Great for painting or covering larger surfaces including walls, canvas, Wooden Painting Panels, Balsa Wood, Cardboard, inking up a printing plate (lino, Mastercut Vinyl, Printing Foam, or Soft Cut blocks), painting over masked areas and stencils.

Foam Rollers are washable and reusable. Always clean Foam Rollers after use. Rinse out thoroughly, squeeze foam to make sure the paint (medium) has been released out of the pores to avoid foam from clogging. Wipe the handle and mechanism after use.

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